How to program Spike Relay in LabView

I’ve been having some trouble coding the spike relay for some time now, i can’t get it to work at all… Could anyone tell me, with detail, how to code a spike relay in LabView?


Can you explain what exactly are you using the relay for and when it stopped working? Also if you could post a screenshot of the code for the spike.

The way to be sure that the programming is correct is that the Relay LEDs on the Digital Sidecar will light up red and green.
Here is one example that will just light the green Relay LED beside Relay 1:

Another example can be found from the Getting Started window in the LabVIEW Support->FRC Examples

The above example code is great, but lacking something important.

There are 4 states you can set the relay to be.

  1. On
  2. Off
  3. Forward
  4. Reverse

On should never be used
Off is just off (Yellow light)
Forward is a positive 100% (Green light)
Reverse is a negative 100% (Red light)