How To Program To Receive FMS Data?

Hey! We are working on autonomous thinking of either Vision and Trig or a bit of both. But we can’t find any information about receiving FMS Data.

We know there is the FMS Whitepaper but all it talks about is the field and how it all works. We don’t see where the coding is involved.

Can someone link me a website that explains how to code to receive the FMS Data at the start of the match telling us which side of the field the switch and scale lights start on. As well as when we get that info are we able to add statements telling the robot which part of the field we are on (Left, Middle or Right) We will probably use Ultrasonic Sensors anyway but just wondering.

Thanks, sorry if how I said stuff was a bit confusing.

Read through this webpage, and there are more threads on CD about this, just search for FMS or FMS game data.