How to project an image with standard LEDs

So our team is making a new robot cart this year since the old one is basically 3in pvc and some wheels. We were thinking of making it semi powered with some lights that project the 308 logo. Our idea is to make it red, green, or white. This idea came from the 2013 Mustang’s puddle light. Anybody have any thoughts on how we can do this? my Idea is like a box with the logo cut out on one side and the light set back a couple of inches in the box, kind of like a projector.

Our mentor has a '13 Mustang and there is no shape cut out or anything, just a hole

Note: this is not our picture

The shape on the Mustang is probably cut somewhere inside the LED itself.

If you use an LED light box and a stencil, remember the greater the distance between the LED and the stencil, the sharper the shadow.

Image projectors like this typically have a “stencil” at the focal plane of a lens system. It’s like a slide projector. You can do it with a bright enough point source of light and no lenses, but it’s going to be brighter using an optical path that actually focuses the light where you want it.

Yes indeed, you need a lens in there somewhere to “project” the stencil image. Just LEDs and a stencil will give poor results.

Try it with a simple lens, like that in a magnifying glass. Cut a shape out of cardboard, and EXPERIMENT with a light source/lens/cutout combination. Often Light > Stencil > Lens works best. Different distances between those elements give different results.

Eventually you might try different lenses to see what works best.

That is a small version of a GOBO (Goes Before Optics) system.
The system uses a light source that passes through a stencil then a lens to project the final image. FIRST uses these at various regionals and championships to project the FIRST logo. If you wanted to you could make multiple stencils and switch them to have different designs.

we have this for our pit area and sponsor events, its a stand alone spotlight with a metal disk insert with the shape cut out. then mirrors for sharpness. it could be done small scale but the cutting of the disk would be troublesome.

the “bacon beacon” is one of these LED gobo projectors:

with a custom gobo (ordered through my work) made by this company:

There is a company who makes tiny gobo projectors called darklight:

I’m not associated with the sites below, the first 3 I deal with in my day job.

also you can get little custom flashlights you drop a gobo in:

and the ones for cars (probably what your looking for) I found here:

This is the first time I have seen those door projectors, pretty cool idea if you can make it happen!

Thanks, we are going to look this over and see what the team thinks! thanks!