How to properly connect and program servo

We are having problems getting the servo to work. I have tried to find a schematic as to how to connect the servo properly (both power and data) but have had no luck. We might also be having code problems (I don’t know for sure) so a method as to how to program the servo would be nice too.
Which call should I use to get and set the angle the servo is at? I think we are using set position now.

Servos connect to a PWM on the Digital Sidecar.
Each PWM MUST have a jumper installed next to it that provides power to the servo (otherwise it will never move).

That’s how both power and data are handled.



Is the jumper and the pwm cable two separate cables or just 1 special cable?

Use a regular PWM cable, the one that comes as part of the servo.

The jumper is a tiny little piece about 1/8" long and white or black that come in one of the electronics small parts bags. It just connects the two pins just to the side of the PWM connection on the Digital Sidecar.