How to Purchase a Jaguar at the FRC discounted price

I am trying to purchase a Jaguar to replace one from the 2009 KOP that has failed. I’ve followed the instructions found here:

but Digi-Key wants to charge the full retail price ($109) rather than the discounted price ($73).

Any ideas on how to order a Jaguar at the discounted price?

Currently exchanging emails with Digi-Key trying to sort this out, but no luck yet.


OK, I get to answer my own question.

Apparently the discounted priced ended in July. See below:

The Luminary Micro promotion has expired as of July 7,2009. If you which to place the parts on order it will be computer pricing. You may send your order to, fax number is 218-681-3380 or on the internet and by phone number is 800-344-4539 and anyone who answers the phone can help you.
Thank you
Tammy Gerardy
800-344-4539 x1321
Fax 218-681-3380

Next build season I am assuming they will have the same and/or similar promotion, if you can wait that long… (assuming they continue using the jags which it seems like they will because we wont be getting a new control system)

I also noticed that a wide variety of teams didn’t use Jags last season and stuck with victors… assuming that they aren’t using them in an off season project, and/or planning to use them next year, you could possibly just buy one off of another team?!

just my $0.02