How to purchase TSUB-3?

Hi all -
We are thinking of developing an off-season swerve drive prototype using four AndyMark Swerve and steer modules (am-3009) and incorporating US digital MA3 Absolute encoders (am-2899) for turn sensors. We use talon SRXs and TSUB interface boards (am-3281) for connecting input sensors directly onto the talon.

The datasheet on the TSUB board notes that there is an issue with scaling analog inputs, and that a resistor change is needed:

“Analog Input Scaling
I/O on the Talon SRX Breakout can be set for 5V or 3.3V as required, with 5V being default. However,
the Analog Input to the Talon can only read up to 3.3V. If a 5V sensor is used (such as MA3 Absolute
Encoder), resistors must be changed to read the sensor’s full scale output. The recommended change is
to solder a 43.2kΩ (1% 0805) resistor into C2, and replace R6 with a 22.1kΩ (1% 0805). Example 22.1k.
Example 43.2k.
Note: Revision 3 (TSUB-3) boards will ship with this change already applied”

Sounds like we need to go directly to the TSUB-3 board, but I am not sure if/where/how it is available. If I order TSUBs from AndyMark today, will I get the TSUB-3 automatically?

Any advice?


Really best to ask AndyMark directly? They are probably a little short this week with the bottom half of worlds going on.

I would recommend these breakout boards. They are what we used this year with our swerve to connect the MA3 encoders to our Talon SRXs.

Thanks Patrick (and congrats to Jack in the Bot on making it to the finals!! Go PNW!).
We dropped by your team’s pit in Houston to marvel over your swerve - very inspiring.

A few questions:

  1. On your MA3, I assume you used Analog Encoder class for the Talon feedback device - right? Did you have any issues with that?
  2. For the linear encoder, we saw you had an inline unit with the CIM. Do you have info on that (part vendor and number), and how did you interface it to the other Talon - using another am-2634, or something else? For the code on that one did you just a regular Quad Encoder?
  3. Is the code online (github or otherwise)? Can you post a link?
    Thanks again for the help.

Nevermind - found the other thread, thanks.