How to put a gear on a Falcon 500


We are trying to set up a Falcon 500 motor with a tough box micro. We have 14 tooth spline bore steal gears that just don’t want to go on and when we do get them on they go down about a cm then will not go on or off. Any suggestions on how to place these gears?

I would contact Vex and try to get replacement pinions, but failing that you can heat the gear with a heat gun to get it in easier. You can also dip the shaft in ice (dry before using and don’t dip the motor) or dry ice.

We carefully use an arbor press to put the gears on the pinion.
You could try a tool like this for removal


This is a known issue with the 2020 batch of falcons. In this post we describe how we used a wire brush to remove some high spots from the falcon shafts to allow the pinions to slide on smoothly.

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Hi Everyone!

Thank you for your help. We ended up getting a gear extractor and using that with a nail to remove the gears. Then we sanded down the falcons a mm or less and the gears fit now.

Thank you again for your suggestions. I did try the temperature change method and it did not make a difference.

This tends to need something closer to propane torch, and even then steel gears are a bit of a struggle. Works great on aluminum pinions on the 775pros though.

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