How to Put Bumpers On Toughbox Nano Tube

Those any know how to put bumpers on a 31" Nano Tube drive Base

I posted this about what we’re using on our Nano Tubes. We have the 20" models though, to fit in this year’s size requirements you’re going to need to reduce the C-base chassis mounts to be closer to the frame in addition to making the robot VERY narrow.

Instead of using the C-channel connectors, you can also run outboard wheels and build your bumpers above. This is what we plan to do with ours. I think this will only fit the rules regarding the bumper zone if you use 4-inch or smaller wheels, though.

We like using the 1" square tubing available from 80/20, as the rounded corners make them a sweet fit with the kit channel. The kit channel can be cut into sections, mounted to the bumper backing, then drill mounting holes through the square tube at final assembly. A ball lock pin can hold everything securely in place. Pictured is a way we did it last year. We’ve had to modify it a bit this year due to size constraints, but you’ll get the idea. If you’d like more detail on this year’s version, PM me.