How to ramp up voltage to a TalonSRX

Hello, I was wondering how you configure a voltage ramp on a talon. I use configclosedloopvoltage() and there is no noticeable difference.

Look at Page 48 (6.3) of the Talon SRX Manual:

Not sure if it’s deprecated or not

You can use configClosedloopRamp() or configOpenloopRamp().

You likely won’t notice a physical difference because you normally want the value to be pretty low. You can confirm that it actually works by setting a very high value then setting it back to a lower value.

Well, for us, we notice a huge difference. The ramp rate determines whether or not we brown out or not. So, depending on your gearing, your wheel selection, etc, it can make a major difference.

For reference we use .3, which is 0-Full in .3 seconds. Robot still seems totally responsive for the drivers but we operate without killing ourselves with brownouts.

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This is about the value we’ve found to be effective, too.

Note that if you’re using closed-loop control, a setpoint ramp is better than an output ramp. The former can be achieved with WPILib’s SlewRateLimiter class.

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That’s the thing, i set the number to 100 and it’s the same as not having it


We just want it to be there if we ever call that motor object to prevent drive team from browning out the system

Are you using open or closed loop control? Can you post snippets of code of your initialization and where you set the speed of the motor?

I’ll see if I can get the git hub but we are just calling the ramp in drivesubsystem init

I believe that if you are using percent output, you have to call configOpenloopRamp, and then use configClosedloopRamp if you are using another mode involving PID stuff.

But yes, code would be helpful for us to be able to debug it more easily.

I’ll have to recheck tomorrow as I didn’t push my changes today :grin:

If you’re ok with it just running on the Talon overall, there’s an option in Phoenix Tuner for setting ramping to a motor.

Can you link to that documentation?

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