How to recognize [CD Username] at CMP

We all know hundreds of the people here on CD, many of whom will be at the Webhug, but some who won’t. How can you be easily recognized?

Simple: Make a name badge.

Find one of your posts, capture the screen, past it into Paintbrush (or photoshop or…), crop it to show just the header (your name, avatar, etc and the orange bar at top) and pin it on your shirt.

Be Happy.

See y’all there…

See the Grape Stompin’ Robot (official name: GSR-1551) I use as my avatar? I’ll be wearing a bright purple shirt with that robot on the front, and a big honkin’ Bausch + Lomb on the back. And I’ll be spending much of my time in 3358’s pit, helping the Yeshiva-bot Shabbat it up. Come say ‘Hi’.

Don, do you think I need a name tag? I like to think that I’m wearing mine already. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s this name tag that was posted on CD a few years back.

Although I won’t be gracing CMP this year, Don this is an excellent idea!

I’ll probably be parading around with one at off-season. In-fact at any event it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have one to recognize each other.

I wear one of these around at every FIRST event I go to.

This weekend you will also likely find me in a 2175 Calculator cape and probably a 3694 Warbotz mustache (how much either of these items get on my nerves will likely determine how likely you are to find me in them).

How many people do you think will be coming with a Don Rotolo name tag because they didn’t read the first step, “Find one of your posts” :slight_smile:

Oh… ooops I need to work on my reading skillz. ::rtm::

I guess I could just change my user title to “I am Don Rotolo”…

LuNaTeCs have a new jersey this year…powder blue with safety yellow sleeves. that being said, I’ll be wearing either yellow or blue tights (depending on the day) and a black skirt. I should be pretty easy to find, especially with the new jersey :slight_smile:

I was really happy when someone (Mr. Something, sorry don’t remember) came over to our pit in Boston, and asked to speak to a “Grim Tuesday”. Was awesome.

This is an excellent idea! I am printing out a few right now!

I’ll be the one wearing the umbrella hat. Done. :slight_smile:

Im debating if I should wear the huge sumbaro.


Maybe things have changed since the last regional I’ve been to(It’s been a couple years). Last I remember none of these could stand out in the crowd that is FIRST. Honestly, I think it’d take neon lights to stand out in this crowd. Though, at this rate that has probably been done before too.

Personally, I thought it was quite funny when I found out that the man who brought the president of FiM and a VIP to my team’s pit was actually Mike Martus, and he knew who I was…

But I digress. Unfortunately I don’t have printer access and can’t print out a badge, but I’m on field reset on Galileo, will be wearing a yellow, decorated tube skirt, and will have a yellow bandanna either on my wrist or on my head. I also have gear earrings.

Thanks I had no Idea how to spell that.

^i look like this guy

The idea isn’t to make oneself stand out, a nametag won’t do that either. It’s how will you be recognized if someone crosses your path. Self-brand imaging is a powerful tool, but I highly suggest the nametag idea for those still developing their signature.

Well, I met Al (when he stopped by 3358’s pit to yell at us for using a dremel tool), but other than that… None of ya.

Ah, well. There’s always next time!