How to remove partial lines in Ink'n'Paint

I’m using Ink and Paint as the material for part of our team’s animation, but when I try to render it I get some extra lines I don’t want to be in there. Is there some way to remove them? I attached an example. I mean the lines where its just part of the ship, but not on any intentional borders. Any help?

I made a new ship… the problem is gone.

I think I figured out how you can get rid of the lines (in case it happens again). Under the Ink and Paint controls >> Ink Controls >> SmGroup and turn that off, it gets rid of the lines.
Hope this helps.

I’d also recommend checking your smoothing groups on the object. Changing the smoothing will make like appear or not appear in objects. Smoothing groups can be found under the modify panel one polygons are chosen.
Good luck.