How to remove the pesky warning

If anyone’s as annoyed as I am by the warning that building a C++ project gives, here’s what you can do.
Add a new error parser with the pattern

.*?libstdc\+\+\.so\.6, needed by.*

set to “Ignore”
Enable the parser in your project and move it to the top.

This prevents Eclipse from registering the warning in the problems view and on your project icon.

Also they should be fixed in the 2016 toolchain without modifying eclipse settings

That’s nice to hear

Not sure if it’s completely fixed, but I haven’t had it yet so hey, I’ll assume it is. Any ideas on how to fix the other errors such as “g++ not found in PATH” and other ones like those?

I’d be very surprised if it is not completely fixed, that is why last years toolchains are not compatible with this years. Those are not really errors, see for details/mitigations