How to remove the previous windriver from year 2012?

Hii guys , can you help me ?

If you have a previous installation, you do not need to reinstall WindRiver. Just make sure to get the updates to the workbench. The WindRiver Workbench is still the same version this year as last year (3.3), so no need to reinstall. Just grab the code update from FirstForge on WPI.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Delete C:\WindRiver

  2. Install WindRiver

Just to be safe, and to make sure the problem is not that you didn’t reinstall down the road.

There are some pretty detailed instructions about half way down on this web page:

that describe how to install over an existing WR2012 installation. The problem is that the license from last year is running out and you need to fix that rather than just updating the FRC WPILib 2013 stuff over last years Workbench.