How to Restart Autonomous Code in Driver Station?

Hi everyone. Is there a way to restart the autnomous code on the Driver station? Atm I’m reuploading code every time just to restart the autonomous even if I make no changes to the code and I was wondering if you guys have a solution for this. Thks!

Does disabling then re-enabling not work?

No, the code seems to just be paused when I disable the robot in Autonomous mode.

What language are you using? If using labview, it should be resetting every time. If using Java or C++, you might have to reset your state machines in Auton Init.

If you switch to practice mode does that work? (Make sure to configure practice mode in setup first)

In the 2nd tab in driverstation, there is an option to restart the robot code. Have you tried that?

Disabling and enabling should do the trick. There isn’t a need to reset robot code. Try enabling tele-op then autonomous again. Weird that you have this problem.

Agreed. If you are using C++ or Java what is your robot base class: SampleRobot or IterativeRobot? If it is IterativeRobot you will definitely need to put some code in your AutonomousInit function to reset the state machine. If it is SampleRobot, then you need to reset the state machine at the top of the function (or at the bottom when it is exiting after being disabled).