How to run diagnostics on the CRIO in Labview

Our team has been struggling all day trying to figure out a way to tell how much is left on the harddrive of the CRIO and how much RAM is being used, is there a way to do this with the WPI Robotics codes or will we have to make it from scratch. Or, is it not possible at all?

-The Zero of Life

It is pretty difficult. You run the driver station and click on the right-most tab, the one labeled Charts.

The right side has three numbers that tell you the free RAM, largest free RAM block, and disk/storage. The plots tell you the CPU usage, lost packets, packet round-trip time, and robot battery voltage. If you leave the reporting code in, it also shows each time the DS/FMS tell your robot to do teleop, auto, or disable, and it shows what your robot executes in response.

All this assumes that the cRIO is turned on, imaged correctly, and that the DS and cRIO are on the same subnet.

Greg McKaskle

Take a look at the charts tab of the driver station software when the robot is running. I’m not sure if the information is availble programattically.

Ah, sorry about that, the main lead didn’t realize that that part told him what he wanted. Sorry about that, we misread the driver station.