How to run two motors on the same button?

We are attempting to run two different motors on the same button. We haven’t figured out on how to synchronize both the motors. We found a forum that suggests that we could plug both into the same motor controller yet we don’t want to limit the power of each motor, any help?

You can use a Y cable to send one PWM signal from the roboRio to two different speed controllers.

Thanks I wasn’t thinking about the separate power distribution channel I was thinking in a Vex frame of mind where the battery is attached to the cortex. Thanks

You could also use two PWM ports for the two motor controllers. Just send the same command to both controllers at the same time (OK, one immediately following the other).

Note that neither of these methods mean that the motors will be synced. They will just be on at the same time going the same direction. There is always a bit more drag or oomph on one side than the other. If you need them to move together, use a mechanical means to keep them together, or install encoders or potentiometers so you can track them both and slow down the faster one so they go together. (You can also speed up the slower one if you aren’t going full speed, but just slowing the faster one doesn’t involve the edge case.)