How to run vison processing code on classmate during matches?

I’m looking for the exact same information. We are using Java on our robot, and are trying to decide which is best - using the cRio to do the image processing, or the drivers station laptop. We had been assuming the laptop, but I’m having a hard time finding the info regarding how exactly you communicate information from Labview back to the Java code running on the robot. Do you customize the driver station software to do the image processing and send it through the packets there? Or do you do a completely standalone Labview application and communicate via TCPIP somehow?
I’m starting to lean back towards doing it all on the cRIO to avoid that whole issue, but then I’m not sure if I can take advantage of the NI Vision Assistant modeling information…
So many questions…thanks in advance for any additional guidance!

So, I was running the vision assistant software, and when I told it to acquire an image, it asked me for the NI-IMAQdx driver which I should download from the NI image acquisition software, just something to keep an eye out for when any other teams are working on setting something like this up.

I believe IMAQdx is used for some of the other camera types, but the bottom Axis camera plugin should be independent of it. They are somewhat comparable, but the bottom one has more config options.

Greg McKaskle

Greg, you mentioned “the bottom Axis camera plugin”. Is that some plugin that I should be seeing in Vision Assistant to be able to access the Axis camera directly? If so, I’m not seeing it. Any help would be appreciated.

I am not seeing a acquire from axis camera button either, my options are acquire image:
standard camera
from IEEE 1394, Gigabit ethernet, USB, or IP camera
smart camera
or RT camera.
all of these options required the IMAQdx driver, which i downloaded along with the NI vision acquisition software

After the cameras you list, there should be a Simulate Acquisition, and then an Axis IP item. You may need to use the scrollbar. Mine looks like the image I attached, and thin only ones that aren’t grayed out are the simulate and Axis.

Greg McKaskle

Screen Shot 2012-01-14 at 6.43.06 AM.png

Screen Shot 2012-01-14 at 6.43.06 AM.png

Mine also has the simulate acquisition button, however, there is no acquire axis IP button for some reason. Part of it may have been that when I installed everything from the NI software USB drive for some reason it didn’t install the driver station software, which I thought I had told it to install. This issue also happened on one of my teammate’s laptop as well.

That may be. The Axis is a plug-in. Do other people have it?

Greg McKaskle

I noticed this (DS missing) as well. but the update took care of that. Perhaps some of the NI Vision stuff also requires the update?

Which update is this? My software doesn’t attempt to update when I run it, and currently, we can’t find our team NI software installer USB.
very bottom of the page. Also in the Getting Started with the Control System manual. All languages require the DS and Utils updates.

i installed the DS and now i have the acquire from axis IP button

So I want to process my images on the drivers station, but I can not finds out how add Lab View code to the drivers stations. In the CRIO code I have a Dashboard setup screen in Lab View but it does not have a place for the image to be displayed.

The driver station is not extensible, but the dashboard is. The default dashboard template has a vision display control tabbed with the Kinect display. If you want to process the image, you can do it directly in that loop. You need to choose a way to get your results back to the robot.

Greg McKaskle

Thank you the reply, I was able to find the details that I was missing, once again thank you.