How to schedule matches for Swept Away?


My high school engineering class is holding a swept away competition with 19 teams, and I am in charge of running the competition. Problem is, I don’t know how to properly schedule matches so that everybody plays an equal amount of matches with a good amount of other teams. We’ll be doing two robots on each alliance, the usual, and 2:30 matches. We will be holding the competition from 9:00 am to 12 pm, including eliminations.

Is there any open source programs that can schedule the matches for me?

Matchmaker makes this easy. It is the official scheduling algorithm for FRC match schedules.

Once you’ve downloaded it, run it from within a command window with the following arguments:

matchmaker -t 19 -a 2 -r 3

-t 19 sets the team count to 19
-a 2 sets the team per alliance count to 2
-r 3 sets the number of rounds to play(# of matches teams play)

Change the number after -r to however many matches you want to play. You’re gonna have to figure this out based on cycle times, total runtime of matches, and other timing factors.

Once you’ve run it, you can copy/paste into the format of your choosing.

I wish I had a “that was easy” button.

Thank you so much man! :slight_smile:

Ok one more question… How do I actually do that?

The matchmaker executable runs as a command line binary. The easiest way is to create a “batch” file for Windows.

Code for Matchmaker.bat:

matchmaker -t 19 -a 2 -r 3 > generatedlist.csv

Save it as “matchmaker.bat” in the folder your matchmaker binary is in, and then double-click. It’ll launch a terminal window and generate the CSV file that would normally feed into the FMS at FRC events,though it can be imported into Excel all the same.

Assuming Windows, I’m using Windows 10, but I’ve done the same in windows 7.

Download the zip from the site, unzip it and navigate to the \win32\ directory.

SHIFT-rightclick in the folder(this gives you a few more options than just right clicking), click “Open command window here”. This opens up a command window and automatically sets the current directory to the one you were working with in explorer.

Next, paste/type in the command I had in the above post.

It should take a second or two to run. Your match schedule will be located in the section of the output labeled accordingly. You may have to scroll up to find it. Matchmaker generates a lot of other statistics in the output.

Copy this output into whatever spreadsheet/etc you’re using as your official match schedule. You’re still going to need to figure out how many rounds you can play given your time constraints and cycle times.

So… I saved it in Desktop\MatchMaker_1_2_2\Win32, and when I double click on the batch file, it opens the terminal really quick, then closes it. Is it supposed to do that?

Assuming it didn’t create the csv file properly, try this: open up a command prompt separately, then run the following commands one at a time:

cd C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\MatchMaker_1_2_2\Win32
matchmaker -t 19 -a 2 -r 3 > generatedlist.csv

Replace “USERNAME” with your actual username.

Ok, I kinda did it similar to this, but I got it to work. I did this:

 C:\Users\Dylan's\Desktop\MatchMaker_1_2_2\Win32>matchmaker -t 19 -a 2 -r 3 

And thank you so much! I learned a lot: I’m pretty new to this stuff.