How to scout in Houston

My team made it to Houston for the first time. However since we are such a small team (8ish members, 4 on the drive team) it is hard for us to get more than one person scouting at any point, and thus it is hard to get data on matches. In Houston we can do pit scouting, but is there any data that can be downloaded in Houston, that would allow us to see how other teams are doing so we can plan strategy without the human resources needed?

Once divisions come out, I’d highly recommend trying to contact different teams that are in your division to see if you can send over a student or two to help scout in exchange for scouting data. We did this at Iowa, and it generally seems that most teams are more than happy to have a few extra scouts to give people a few larger breaks. I’m not entirely sure if a thread will be posted for each subdivision when they’re released on here, but if those do get made, that’d be a great place to try and find potential scouting alliances.