How to send IR signal using Labview?

Hi, we are trying to put Supernight LED stripe light around the robot and want the LED to change color when a condition is met. Is there anyway to do this with Labview?

Not sure you are going to be able to without designing something custom yourself. It seems like the lightdrive would fit this better.

Here are other popular light controllers Blinkin, LightDrive

I think this is awesome, but make sure you aren’t in violation of R69. It believe it is up to the Lead Robot Inspector at your event. One way to not risk being inviolation is to bypass the IR sender/receiver. I know REV Robotics sells an LED Driver that works over PWM, or you can find other similar systems elsewhere online.

Hope to see your robot light up the competition! Good Luck this season!

This, as mentioned by Luke,

R69. No form of wireless communication shall be used to communicate to, from, or within the ROBOT,
except those required per R64 and R68.

Devices that employ signals in the visual spectrum (e.g. cameras) and
non-RF sensors that don’t receive human-originated commands (e.g.
“beam break” sensors or IR sensors on the ROBOT used to detect
FIELD elements) aren’t wireless communication devices and thus R69
doesn’t apply.

We had been using IR controlled LED’s on the robot for several years… We cut the IR sensor off the harness and installed a connector to remove it for matches.

If you wish to have one controlled by the RoboRio you will need some interface. A few years back we moved to using an Arduino and programmable RGB LED’s, this year we are working with a raspberry Pi… Many options out there as mentioned previously, though unless your IR is for internal object detection, and the rules are modified, you will need to find another way…

Good question to pose to Q&A for official rulings…

Hope to see you implement some LED controls.