How to Set AHRS gyro vertical?


I’m trying to set the RoboRio to be vertical in the electronics, but the attached gyro feeds me data for the wrong plane (vertical rotation vs horizontal if I lay the RoboRio flat). Is there a way I can get angle data out of it while having the gyro upright?


Gyros are orientation-dependent sensors. If you wish to use that specific gyro, you’ll have to find a way to mount it horizontally. This may include a ribbon cable connection between the roborio and navX, instead of having them directly connected.

It is unclear to me if the gyro onboard can work to give you ‘the other plane’ you want. Read the docs and the class members as well. If it does not, one thought would be to use an external gyro and mount it horizontally and run a ribbon cable between the RoboRio and the gyro so the RoboRio can be oriented vertically.

navX-MXP supports Omnimount, please read up on this feature, which allows navX-MXP to be mounted in any of 6 possible orientations.

Thanks. I forgot to mention last year we had it vertically (in Labview I can’t read). This is what I was looking for I believe.