How to set drive position

I want to go to the target position with Drive, what should I do?

You’re gonna need to give more information.
Do you want to simply drive forward, or follow a path?

Completely agree with @Dan_Katzuv, more information is certainly required.
However given you’ve tagged the thread with talonsrx and java, you can command a TalonSRX to move the attached motor to a setpoint (position in the below example) based on feedback with

talonSRX.set(ControlMode.Position, position);

However this assumes that all you want to do is move the motor to that position (as opposed to path following, etc) and that you’ve already setup PID coefficients and a bunch of other stuff.
Again, more info please!

I suggest using the Motion Magic mode instead.


I would highly recommend (with Dan) that you go with MotionMagic on the Talon. It’s got some decent documentation backing how to get it setup and is extremely reliable in getting a robot to drive a certain distance, or to turn to a certain angle.

If you need some example code of that being used in a Command-based robot let me know and I’ll point you to our code from last year that had it working very smoothly.

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I want to go straight for a certain distance.
The robot uses to two Talon SRX,two Victor, four motors and eight tires.
Talon also sends instructions from Roborio to one Talon and has one Victor follow Talon.