how to set up 206 axis cam in labview

our team is in a hard spot we need to figure out how to setup the axis 206 cam in labview we dont know how but we need to figure it out any help would be awsome on how to get the software and the cam to work together

You should first connect the cam to your computer via a crossover cable. Then, run the Axis Cam Setup Tool, it will setup the cam’s IP address and passwords. This must be done or the camera driver will not be able to find the camera.

Then, you should plug the camera in to port 2 on the cRio.

The code necessary to track a target is shown in the default code. You should be able to use it without too much work. Reading over it will explain how the camera software works.

Everything you need to know is in the FRC Control System documentation. The web page has links to each chapter. You must read chapters 1-3 in order to know how to use the control system effectively.

well we got the cam working thats for all the help:D