How to set up the cRIO and Classmate?

My team is attempting to begin testing out our simple programs to get a feel for it. However, we don’t know how to test it. We’re trying to set up the Classmate and hook it up to the cRIO, but we have no idea how the set up is supposed to be. Apparently, we’re missing an image?

Your team should have gotten a USB stick (green I think) in the Kit of Parts which has the image for the classmate. Your first step is to put that in the classmate and when you turn it on hit f11 during boot to load the usb and image the classmate. from there you need to install everything from the usb key you received (with the lab view and other utilities). After that you download and install updates that are located online, and use the imaging program to install the java image (v43 is the current one AFAIK).

To actually run the program you will load up your project in Netbeans with the FRC plugins installed, and hit the green run button.

Oh and you will need to change your IP address on your computer to talk to the CRIO (Change the ipv4 to 10.xx.xx.y with x being your team number, and y being a single digit number that is not 2, since the cRIO address is typically 10.xx.xx.2).

I might be forgetting something so if you are still stuck, let me know, especially if I did not explain something well enough.


The Getting Started with the 2012 Control System document on this page will walk you through the whole thing (add www to the beginning):

just a quick tip, if u set ur team number into the driver station from the driver account, it’ll do all the networking settings FOR u

My question is a little different. I have a cRIO from our last year’s team. Unfortunately, Kodak, our sponsor is having difficulties so we’ve joined up with RocCityRobotix Team 3838. Anyway any advice on how to reprogram a cRIO from team 211 with 2012’s image for team 3838? Will the cRIO imaging tool let me change the team number of the cRIO?

The imaging tool allows you to name it and set the IP address. Use the IP, and you have it ready for the new team.

Greg McKaskle

Thanks Greg; We’ll get to try this tomorrow evening.

many thanks. It appears that my team never received the flashdrive in our kit of parts for some reason. We’re behind since we haven’t even set up the control system yet!

Our team almost lost it, but I believe it was handed out separately from the real KOP. The mentor that picked up ours put the flash drive (along with a few other things) in the first aid bag, so try asking whoever picked it up if they remember doing something with it.

Next year, try to sort through the entire KOP checklist ASAP (we do ours on Sunday) before anybody takes anything out of it so you can find everything you need.

Nothing worked tonight. No USB stick with National Instruments on it. Only a DVD which may not be used on a Classmate. Initially cRIO Imaging Tool saw our classmate and the old team address. But the button to change the IP address was grayed out. Next I set the Switch to Reset IP. That was a big mistake as now the cRIO Imaging tool doesn’t see the cRio at all.

Also I have no image to download yet. Apparently its looking for a file under the Java SDK. Which I didn’t load on the classmate as I thought I might be short on space. Must need to load that too. So that’s what I’m working on tonight.

I did read all the documents under Start, All Programs, National Instruments, NRIO, CRIO. The setup documents talk about applying power but not how to program the image nor what the switches do. Hopefully I’ll find the correct document before the competition starts. Or preferably I’ll humbly except some direction on which document to read first. Thanks.