how to set up the gyro?


We’re trying to set up the gyroscope, but we’re having trouble understanding the intrusctions here:

can anyone help us out and guide us on how to set up the gyroscope succesfully?

Thank you so much.
Bruno Melofiro - Team 2579, LIC robodogs

Thank you for reading the instructions!!

Can you help us by telling us what part you are having difficulty with?

I wanted to know if the link I gave below were the instuctions.

bfighter, we use LabView. When we open it there is an examples pane on the right side of the open screen. We can click on the example for the gyro. If you don’t have LabView sorry, but that’s how our team wired it up.

Gyro has been hooked up via PWM to the cRIO. How do I get it to talk with the java on NetBeans?

PWM connections are outputs from the Digital Sidecar. You need to connect the gyro to input 1 or 2 on the Analog Breakout in order for the cRIO to be able to read it.

our gyro is connected to the analog breakout on the cRIO but we still are not getting anything.