How to setup 2023 Team Avatar

This is the blog post from last season (2022) with some resources. Hopefully, FIRST HQ releases another blog post regarding guidelines, if any change at all, but the 2022 one’s should be a good starting point ie. 40 x 40 px constraint and the other rules detailed here.

They also include a Blue Alliance link to avatars from the 2022, 2019, and 2018 seasons. These may help give guidance on how much/little details of your team logo/avatar idea will translate. Having designed one in the past, I want to say this is the free online program I used to make a 2020, just make sure to adjust the canvas size to the 40 x 40 constraint mentioned above. Adobe Photoshop and other similar programs can also work but I find them to be a bit of overkill for such a small canvas size.

Other general guidance and wisdom:

  • Round/straight edges your used to with larger scale logos will be a little more block-y and square than your used to. This is totally normal!
  • Outlines can help your logo pop more. Even with the limited canvas size, after playing around a bit, you’ll realize what details you want to prioritize with the avatar your creating to make an avatar easily associable with your team branding without the design getting too busy.

I hope some of this helped. Let me know if anything is unclear from the above info.

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