How to Simple logging frame for frc

Currently i would like to add/ create an simple CSV file logging framework lib for our robot to print logs to a USB attached to roborio with the roborio log dumped to a CSV data file

Could i please some guide me on the right direction

cc @notmattlythgoe


Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to use this on our robot this year

Though not nearly as nice or clearly documented as the one above, I’ll offer another example in our CSV Logger Utility and an associated Log File Viewer written in javascript.

Quickly looking at Triple Helix’s output file format, I think our log file viewer could be altered to support it with very minimal modifications (just tweak a few assumptions about how the first column is named and the presence of a units column).

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thanks guys for your help and input

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I think we’d be interested in the colaboration.

Your right could we work together on tweaking the log format…

Here i basically make a new repo for it on my account.

If there are adjustments that would need to be made to the log format themselves we could just make those changes directly in our repository, no need to make a new one with a new name.

Sweet. For ease update, anyone got a sample log they could toss on that repo? I could submit a PR with an updated viewer. Should be able to get around to it this weekend or early next week.

VAPOR_Practice1.csv (1.1 MB)

@NickTheHacker PR is ready to go -

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I threw this together with a few hours of work:

It’s not done yet (needs polish and I haven’t actually built it with Electron Builder yet, so the links in the README are broken), but if anyone wants to check it out, it should be at least mostly functional currently.

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