How to simulate how many games will be played in a regional?

My team will participate on Montreal Regional, and there will be 56 teams in total. In order to make a decision about scouting, I wanted to know how could I know how many games are going to happend on each stage?

Is there any form on calculating this?

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It depends on the regional, number of teams, turnaround time, and etc. I don’t know exactly how many matches each team will get.

In general, teams play between 8-10 matches at a regional. (# of played matches) = (# of teams) * (# of matches per team) / (# of teams in a match [6]). So there will likely be between 75 and 94 matches played.

Last year, each team played 12 games. 56 teams * 12 games / 6 teams per game = 112 games of qualification matches. Could be more or less though.

Playoffs - 4xQF, 2xSF, 1xF. Assuming ~2.5 games per series, you get 17-18 playoff games.

Last year, with 48 teams, the Montreal Regional gave each team 9 matches, for a total of 71 qualification matches. If they play the same number of matches with this year’s 56 teams, that’d be roughly 8 matches per team. So I’d expect 8-9 quals matches per team.

Where on earth did that number come from?

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I’ve been fortunate enough to discover a website early on that is called

I went and checked out the event that you are talking about last year - Montreal (I do enjoy a good basket of french fries if I might add) and noticed that each team played 9 matches last year.

It’s tough to say if that number will stay the same. With a few more teams you could think it would go down since now there are more games in total for everyone to get 9 matches. But if I remember correctly there was a ton of little balls all over the place last year that were a mess to clean up - almost looked like a bunch of marbles on the ground like from when my brother and I were young!

Seems like 9 is a safe guess though.
So like that other guy did the math on 56*9=504 / 6 = 84 ranking matches and then another 18 or so playoff matches.

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Tech Valley Regional… whoops :confused:

I already contacted the event coordinator on this subject before kickoff.Even if I did not get a clear answer, since the field reset seems faster this year, I expect them to run at least 8 matches per team, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they manage to do 9 like last year. See you at Montreal!

Pretty sure this is all public information:

Each team will play no less than 8 matches, giving somewhere around 100-120 qualification matches. Each team will play more matches if the schedule allows. If there are problems with the field, each team will likely play only 8 matches. If the event is expected to run smoothly, each team may play up to 12.

That is true in general, but a regional of 56 teams is not going to give each team 12 matches. That’s just too many matches for a reasonable 1.5 days of quals.

The only place 12 matches is guaranteed is in a district iirc, everywhere else is basically luck of the draw.

Sort of…

You can guess by event size. 40-team events run 11-12, 60+ team events are closer to 8-9. Montreal being 56, you’ll likely have something like 9-10.

But it depends on turnaround time. 6 minutes is “fast” for most games; 9-10 minutes is “slow”. This being somewhat of a “quick” game to reset (I think) I would guess around a 7.5-minute turnaround (2.5 minutes for the match/final checks, 4.5-5 minutes to reset the field).

Here’s a fun one for you to try, though, if you REALLY want to know…
Resource Library | Page 2 | FIRST has the FMS Off-Season Installer. If I’m not mistaken that particular item has at least part of the match schedule generator. You could put in a 56-team event, with appropriate break and cycle times, and see what a “best guess” range is…

Last year Dallas, Iowa, and Wisconsin each had 54 teams at the event. Dallas played 8 matches per team, Iowa played 9 matches per team, and Wisconsin played 10 matches per team. So the total number of teams doesn’t force the number of matches per team.

I think the high was 90 Qualification matches (Wisconsin, Kansas City, and Silicon Valley). The low was 45 (Israel #4) or 56 (Southern Cross) if you want to stick with regionals. That can vary radically too.

My best guess for 56 teams would be 9 matches each. That would 84 total qualification matches which is reasonable. 56 teams means it takes 9.3 matches to get a round of matches in so any match per team number not divisible by 3 will force surrogate matches.

There are many factors that go into determining how many rounds (and therefore matches) a given event will have. It all comes down to the schedule and the expected cycle time.

Most regional events allocate 720 minutes (12 hours) for qualification matches. A couple of events added extra time to that last year, but it’s asking volunteers who are already spending 10 to 12 hours per day at the event to extend that time.

Determining the number of matches that will fit in that 720 minutes is a bit of a black art. The FTA and Event Manager will make a decision at the event.

I’m not involved in the decision for Montreal, but if I had to guess, it will be 9 or 10 matches per team.

A factor that make it more likely to be 9 is that it’s a week 1 event this year and those tend to take longer per match. (Last year week 1 events averaged about a minute more per match than later events.)

The fact that field reset should be quick argues in favor of 10, but we won’t actually know what reset looks like until after the week 0 event.