how to speed the extension of pneumatic cylinders

any year throwing or shooting is involved i see this asked. the simplest and easiest way to do this is to use more cylinders, if its going to slow add more cylinders while decreasing cylinder size to keep the force the same. your limited by the size of the input hardware not the number of them. 4 1/2 inch cylinders will extend much faster then 1 larger cylinder. the rules prohibit routing multiple valves to 1 cylinder so just add more cylinders. each cylinder has its own valve the only downside is it weighs more then the single cylinder solution

You are still limited by one regulator…

but you can put a reservoir after the regulator if you need it

You are also limited to the CV restrictions from the festo valves because they dont you the the max flow rate since, even though the rule has changed on the CV limit the solenoid hasnt.

I have no idea what this statement means…

This year, there is no CV limit on valves, the only limit is the port size, max 1/8" NPT. There is no requirement to use Festo or any other manufacturer.

The basic limitation is the airflow from a 60 psi storage tank to the cylinder through a length of .16" ID tubing and a solenoid valve (7.8 SCFM max for the Festo?) Multiple smaller cylinders will require less airflow per cylinder, but that doesn’t help if all the air is coming from the same tank. Best case, each cylinder has its own valve and its own storage tank. I figured 5 cylinders (and 5 tanks) is the minimum, and that starts getting awkward.