How to split up driver responsibilities?

How do you split up driver responsibilities between two different drivers? Concrete examples for this year are appreciated.

Driver moves the robot and controls our climbing. Operator does everything else.

I personally just like to focus on driving, so I drive with a Xbox controller and just use the sticks to steer and drive and triggers for shifting. If we added in like a climber or ramp, we would most likely just tie it to a button on the driver controller. This is because the driver will know the best time to climb or ramp is.

Our operator does everything else, so our bucket that flings cubes into the switch and our gripper and gripper arm that picks up cubes is controlled by him using mostly the sticks and the triggers, and occasionally a button.

We want to make sure the drivers can focus on their responsibilities. The driver should focus on steering and general maneuverability (knowing where to go, keeping an eye on what’s around them) around the field, whereas the operator focuses on keeping everything on the robot from breaking from hitting into something and on manipulation of game elements.

Hope this helped