How to start an off season event?

Unfortunately, there are no off season events in close driving distance to our team. The solution seems to be to join with friendly local teams and create one…

How do other teams go about creating events? We (should) have access to a wooden field (the official one would be too expensive to ship). We also have access to an Intel volunteer system.

Does anyone have experience with organizing off season events? If so, please post!

Thanks in advance, Daniel

Here you go!

How to IRI

Here is a more up to date of the same document as Sam posted

How To IRI 2010

This is a different flavor of off-season event, but I might suggest you check out what we do with BunnyBots at Basically our alumni make up an FRC-style game, and we have a 12 week build season to make a robot, which gives a great opportunity for rookie members and teams to learn most everything they need for FRC in a more relaxed, but still FRC-like, environment. For a better visual of competition day, here’s a video of last year’s final matches

It might be a bit too late for this year (but maybe not!), but if you’re interested in starting something like this in your area, drop me a line. We already have Washington state and Colorado onboard with their own events for the first time this year - this is our 6th year doing BunnyBots in Portland, OR. We try to make the game design so the field is easy to make and host.

Looks great! Thanks!

Thanks for sharing this question