How to start programing mecanum wheel drive ?

How do start programing the mecanum wheel drive?
Please be very specific because I’m new to labview, thanks.

LabVIEW makes it easy.

In there is an Open 2 Motor Drive block. Delete the PWM and Inverted constants connected to it. Right-click the block and replace it with an Open 4 Motor Drive. Create constants on all of its inputs and assign the correct PWM outputs to the four motors on the corners of your drivebase.

In there is an Arcade Drive block. Replace it with a Mecanum Drive block and figure out what joystick axis you want to use for rotation control.

That’ll get you started. If you have specific questions, we can probably give you helpful answers.

Thanks I got it to work. I’m using a joystick that has three axis, the problem I have is with the z axis. The control is just inverted and I was just wonder how I put it the right way?

The Y input to the Cartesian variety of the Mecanum Drive vi follows the standard HID joystick convention where negative means forward. If your joystick value is negative but your robot is going backwards, you probably need to change the MotorInverted inputs on your Open Drive vi in Begin.

If your joystick value goes positive when you press the joystick forward, the appropriate fix is to insert a Negate function between the joystick axis output and the mecanum drive Y input. It looks like (-x) in a right-pointing pale yellow triangle, and it can be found in the Numeric function palette.