How to tell if port 1250 is open?

When connecting to the phoenix tuner, at the bottom it gives a port number 1250. Once it does it fails to connect to the RoboRio, how can I tell if the port is open or not?

Under what conditions? On the field or off? Wireless or wired? Ethernet or USB?

While none of these technically change whether the port is open, they will affect whether you’re able to connect to that open port.

There are many ways to explicitly check if a port is open (ncat, nc, telnet, Powershell scriptlet, etc), though you shouldn’t have to. The Phoenix Tuner application should be able to connect to any Rio that has the Phoenix Diagnostics Server installed (as of 2020, the Tuner button to do this manually is a temporary action only. Any code project that includes the Phoenix libraries as a dependency (vendordeps/phoenix.json) will automatically enable the listener process once deployed (I assume this means it will open port 1250 for you, though I haven’t seen the code).

Perhaps it would be better if you describe the problems you’re having (preferably in detail, including a description of what is/isn’t working, and what you’ve done to troubleshoot it), and we can attempt to help that way.

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