How to test for a broken cRIO

We just bought a new CRIO this year and are having problems reading the gyro through the analog module.

We have another cRIO and can read the gyro fine in that setup (as well as the battery voltage). It does not appear to be the analog module itself, since the exact same analog module on another cRIO works just fine to read the gyro.

On the new (and potentially broken) cRIO, the digital side car is working fine, since we can drive the robot using this. So the cRIO is not entirely broken.

When we look at the CRIO imaging tool, we see that it detects the analog module, we just are not able to get any readings from the gyro when it is attached nor can we see the battery voltage.

Any suggestions on diagnosing the new cRIO?
Or should we just ship it back?

Nevermind, we figured out we had the power into the analog jumper reversed.