how to transfer the program to the crio?

I`m using wind river workbench, How can i pass the software into the cRIO?

You have to set up the FIRST Downloader in the preferences under (i think) Window>Preferences

Then you use the FIRST menu, and go FIRST>Download.

isn`t there any tool that is built in the windriver workbench?

The FIRST Downloader IS built into Windriver. There’s a FIRST menu at the top of the screen. I suggest you read the C/C++ Users Guide at

I put together a checklist of sorts based on lessons we have learned with WorkBench. Let me know if this helps - no guarantees since it has been a long day.

WorkBench_Checklist.doc (26.5 KB)

WorkBench_Checklist.doc (26.5 KB)

Important note about the Debugging task is to ensure that you Undeploy your Downloaded code prior to attempting to ‘Run Kernel Task’.

The reason is that the Download option copies a file to the file system on the cRIO, then that file executes when you restart the robot. The ‘Run Kernel Task’ option copies EVERYTHING over to the robot, but in a different place and starts running it. So, if you’ve got downloaded code running and you try to debug you will get, at best, inconsistent results.

So, prior to the ‘Run Kernel Task…’ make sure you goto the FIRST menu and select Undeploy.

D. Sean Kelly
Team #499