How to transport an FRC field from TX to CO?

As I continue to pursue hosting the first Colorado offseason event I hit a snag that I could use some help with.

Currently our best option for a field source is FIRST in Texas who are considering letting us rent their field. The problem is getting their field to Northern Colorado. FiT typically rents a truck to drive their field around Texas which is great but not an ideal solution for us because we would need someone to drive the truck.

Finding someone to drive a truck from Central Texas to Northern Colorado (and back) will be very difficult if not impossible (I expect). So if anyone knows someone who might be willing to drive that truck I would love to hear about it.

I would love to hear any other suggestions people for how to transport a field that far.

NE FIRST uses Pods, they work pretty well.

You can pay freight shipping for a partial truckload. Chezy Champs did this our first year when we rented a field from PNW FIRST. Freight was a little over $1k each way. This ended up being cheaper than a truck rental to drive the field down.

Do you happen to know what size/quantity of Pods they use?

Do you know who you shipped with?

Somewhat kidding but also not: and check out their FAQ for shippers. PODs is another potential alternative. You can also try Craigslist and there is another service that I can’t recall the name of that offers trucking for this. I can’t tell you what the costs will be but start by getting quotes.

Maybe this?

16ft containers.

In season events get 4 Pods, though I’m sure less is doable for an off-season event.

PODS are 16’ by ~7.75’. You would need to provide your own straps and load bars for e-track though.

Mid-Atlantic uses PODS as well. PM me and I’ll give you our PODS account rep contact. PODS loves FIRST. They help teams move their equipment all the time (including to the FIRST Champs).

New England is using two PODS for their offseason field this year, but it’s really tight, even after not sending the practice field components, which saves a case. In addition, this is an AndyMark field so there are fewer cases overall when compared to the FIRST fields. If you have an AM field, two PODS is doable, but you’ll probably need three if not.

I appreciate all the responses. But after talking more extensively with FIRST in Texas, they have raised some very valid concerns about the timing/work/logistics of using a shipping company. As such the only viable option for them is to rent a truck and have someone drive the field to Colorado.

Because of this I don’t really need any more suggestions on how to ship a field.

But I am still happy to hear if you know anyone who would be willing to drive a truck from Texas to Colorado. Although I expect that person might not exist.

Although I expect that person might not exist.

When you have some dates, toss it out there. We Texans are pretty crazy.

I’ve got a few dates to throw out. The truck would be loaded after an event in (probably) Dallas on the night of Monday October 9th. It would need to be delivered to Fort Collins on the afternoon of Friday October 13th. The truck would then be reloaded the night of Saturday October 14th and return to Texas.

This is logistically pretty weird because the time frame is short but just long enough to be awkward. If someone drove the field starting Tuesday morning they would likely arrive by Wednesday afternoon (assuming they stop for the night). I have places I could store the truck here in Fort Collins until Friday afternoon, but that leaves our driver stranded in Fort Collins (not a bad place to be) for a couple days. And they might not want to do that.

But if we put the storage time on the Texas end of trip I’m wary of that too. Being in charge of a field that’s not mine that is being stored for multiple days somewhere I’ve never been hundreds of miles away is a situation I’d like to avoid.

Both of those scenarios have solutions but I wanted to present the whole conundrum in case one of you “crazy Texans” (or anyone else for that matter) does decide to volunteer.

Random thought… What if there was a different driver each way? Driver 1 from Texas to Colorado, flies home, Driver 2 from Colorado to Texas, flies home.

Or Driver 1 flies home for a couple days then flies back to bring the truck back.

(Or, with Driver 1 being crazy–Texan or Coloradoan I’m not going to venture–Driver 1 drives truck up, works from hotel for a day or two, volunteers for event, drives back to Texas.)

There’s also the “handoff” option, where each end of the trip has 2x drivers and 1x extra vehicle. Truck and other vehicle caravan to the halfway point, where the second driver set is waiting. Second driver and extra vehicle caravan to event. Repeat in reverse to get the field home.

Both are viable solutions. I’d like to avoid flying drivers around though because that is an added cost and the whole reason for using Texas’s field was that it cost less than other options. Also at a certain point I reach a level of complexity in this plan where it’s worth the extra money to have simplicity in how the field arrives.

You could try making a RFQ on . Individuals and companies use that site to bid on shipping jobs. It’s even used to move dogs and cats. You may be able to find a trucking company willing to handle driver logistics.

Have you considered looking at this? $2.50 a mile is definitely not doable for your situation but it states this “AndyMark can bring the field to your event in our truck for a cost of $2.50 per mile traveled to an from the event. If it seems appropriate to make alternative shipping arrangements we can work with you to do this on a case by case basis.”

I think this case would be appropriate to make alternative shipping arrangements so maybe you could contact AndyMark for both the rental and shipping options. Renting the field however will cost around $1500 or so.

Again, just spit balling. This might actually make your situation harder. Haha. And good luck too.