How to tune PID values for YAGSL?

How do I easily tune the angle and drive PID values for a YAGSL powered swerve? I have the telemetry verbosity as high so how can I use those values to easily tune the PID?

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Drive shouldn’t need PID.

For steer angle, I would start with I and D at zero. To test, just command 90 degree step turns so 0 then 90 then back to zero. Plot the data, get the P value as high as you can without overshoot. That worked for our robot just fine, I was impressed with how fast the response was and how accurate with just P. Within 1 degree very quickly.

In theory, for this type of problem you could likely drive P a little higher and then add just a little D term and it may get a little faster response. That said, P alone will likely be more than adequate. You don’t always need lightning fast response, we even filtered our response down a little.

I see no value in I. The long term error just isn’t there. Being within a degree or two is very good for this type of problem.

If you use advantage scope or frc-web-components you can track measured values against desired values and tune it how @Hybrid_Piper described, you do need a drive PID but that is more than likely just a P value. We also have this repository which we are trying to collect known working configurations in.