How to turn off continuous servo?

Hi all -
We have a HiTec HS-1425CR continuous rotation servo, and we’re trying to figure out how to control it via the WPILibJ Servo class. It doesn’t behave like a Limited rotation servo (which just has position sent using the set() method).

We have kind of figured out that if we set a value around the midpoint (0.5), we’ll make the servo rotate in one direction or another, continuously. But setting 0.5 doesn’t seem to turn it off.

Any pointers on how to control this type of servo?

Thanks in advance!

You may have better luck declaring it as a PWM motor controller (Talon, Victor, Spark) and using those functions to control it. To put it simply, servos and motor controllers use the same communication protocol, they just act differently. Continuous servos don’t have a way to set a specific position, instead they’re the motor controller, motor, and gearbox all rolled into one.

Good idea! We’ll give that a try. Thanks!

Or you can just declare it as a PWM and do the 0-255 math yourself