How to update to the newest PathWeaver 2023?

Is there a link to update the PathWeaver 2023 to the newest version?

I can not find it anywhere unfortunately.

PathWeaver is part of WPILib. To get the latest version, download the latest WPILib installer from GitHub and install it. The latest version right now is 2023.3.2. Releases · wpilibsuite/allwpilib · GitHub

You can’t download the pathweaver independently?

Also when I download the NI tools again, it states that there is no new software. Do you know why?

No. The tools depend on other parts of WPILib so it’s difficult to distribute them independently.

You shouldn’t need to download the NI tools again. PathWeaver is part of WPILib (see the link to the WPILib releases page in my previous post), not the NI tools.