How to Use 3D Printing Vouchers

Hey guys, our team ordered several of the 3D printing vouchers but we were not exactly sure how we got them/used them. Hopefully we wouldn’t have to wait for anything to ship but we just didn’t know. I tried searching on here and the first choice website but I couldn’t find anything. I also didn’t want to bother AndyMark while they are snowed in. Thanks you guys!!


I’m sorry that I don’t know anything official, but you might be able to contact the place that you got the voucher for and ask them.

Your best bet if you are set on not emailing the AM first choice crew is to post this question in the official First Choice 2014 Forum on the FIRST Forum website.

Ok sounds good. Yeah we got the vouchers but never really knew how we actually got the credit. The parts to be printed are not urgent so I will just wait a few days to ask after the craziness ceases. I’ll post what they say for anyone else interested