How to use april tag effectively?

Hey guys, how are you planning to leverage the abundance of april tags?

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We have been considering using it largely to assist the driver during teleop. Using it to help line up the robot, make shots in the speaker, etc.

It could also be useful to ensure odometry stays fairly accurate in case the robot takes some hits that throw it off but this is more speculation than idea.

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I’d imagine we’ll use it, at minimum, for targeting the goals in auto and teleop.

Last year we tinkered with using a couple of LimeLight’s and fusing wheel odometery and LL readings with Kalman filters. It was a little sketch in spots so we didn’t use it but with 16 tags on the field, spread like they are, I’m excited to see what we can all pull off.


How would u use it to line up the robot to make shots? Sorry I’m new to programming!

No problem, I have not thought through all the logic yet (this is the first year I think I will have time to follow through on my automation ideas) but here is what I am thinking.

The basic idea is that you can get a fairly precise location of an apriltag relative to your robot (I think wpilib has tools for this but we are just using the limelight toolkit. photonvision works as well.). From there you could align your robot/turret to face the center of the target. From there using your distance from the apriltag you can adjust your shooter or move your robot to the optimal shooting position.

You could probably use a similar approach to line yourself up with targets such as the amp or source. A good example of this was team 987’s approach last season where they used an apriltag in the human player station to help their robot line up for collection. Here is a game where you can see them using this tactic (Before getting knocked over). look closely at the blue (top right) human player station

Hope this helps


Ohhh that’s awesome :+1:

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