How to use Banebots kickup box?

Our team will be receiving Banebots kickup box gearboxes in FIRST choice round #2 (Thank you @banebots !). I am planning to use them with Neo motors for the Robot hanging mechanism using 1 stage elevator. Based on what I could understand from the webpage, I think we need to buy a CIM sport gearbox for each of the kickup boxes (we are planning to use 2 for the elevator), discard the output stage in the CIM sport gearbox and replace it with these kickup box. Does that sound right? Are there any other parts we need to buy for using this item? Any help is greatly appreciated.
Most importantly I would like to know if our planned setup requires any parts that do not come with either the CIM sport or the kickbox, because our order cycles are long and I hope to have all the needed parts ready in a week. Thanks!

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