How to use C with a Raspberry Pi servo HAT?

Hi, I’ve been working on a project not entirely FRC related but I was hoping someone would have some advice.

It’s my first time working with Raspberry Pi, but my team wants to try and use them and ROS to control a large group of robots with C, but it doesn’t seem like C is really supported by that many libraries with the HAT. Are there other programming languages more viable for this? Does anyone have any experience with the HAT and C?

I ported the Adafruit servo HAT library to C++ for a personal project a while ago. Worked great for driving a few victors on a small robot. This is the HAT I used:

Here’s the source:

You’ll need to link it with the WiringPI library.

Also be very careful if you’re driving a large robot like this - if your program crashes/exits, the servo hat will keep outputting the last PWM value it was set at.