How to use Classmate E12 Image Usb drive

We have a Classmate E12 from FirstChoice 2014 with some sort of Linux on it I think. We located a USB key from FIRST labelled “2014 Image (E12)” which I presume must have come in the 2014 kit. We booted off the USB key on the classmate expecting Windows Install to start but instead it seems to create a virtual drive X which is open in a command prompt. We cannot see any obvious cmd files or exes that might be used to install it on C:

Anyone remember how to make use of the FIRST provided key? I can’t find documentation specifically on it, only how to download an image and create a bootable USB key based on that image (which we are trying in parallel). has the instructions you’re looking for. The first 80% or so is all about downloading an image and creating the USB flash drive. Then it gives specific information on how to use that flash drive.

Thanks, but that’s the instructions where the user provides an empty key and you download an image from the net on to it etc. This key came preloaded with a bootable Win 7 on it from FIRST.

We did in fact in parallel use the download an image onto an empty key instructions and have successfully loaded a downloaded image and the driver station (very late last night :).