How to use Generate_Pwms() ?

I’ve been playing around with the Mini First Robotic Controller kit recently and haven’t been able to get pwm 01 ~ 04 (USER control) to Generate Pwms (setting the Setup_PWM_Output_Type(IFI_PWM, …) ). Does anyone have more details on how to use the Generate_Pwms() ?? :confused:

void Generate_Pwms(unsigned char pwm_1,unsigned char pwm_2,
unsigned char pwm_3,unsigned char pwm_4,
unsigned char pwm_5,unsigned char pwm_6,
unsigned char pwm_7,unsigned char pwm_8);

also, if i intend to use the pwm01 ~ pwm 04 as I/O, which pin are they reffering to? I know there are CPP1 to CPP4 pin on the 18F8520 Chip. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers! :smiley: