How To use Global variables and sequences

Whats the proper way to use global variables? I’ve used quite a few in my project to pass variables between subvi’s. In another thread, (here), Greg said “you will get burned by parallel updates or race conditions.”
I made sure I’m only writing the variables in one place. So I think I’m ok with the parallel updates.
I don’t think I’d have an issue with a race condition. But if I did, how should it be handled?

It is all about using the right tool for the right job. Are you sure you want a global? Would a queue, a notifier or a user event work better for your application?

User events notifiers and queues can be passed around to subVIs, which makes code re-use easier later.

A queue allows you to guarantee that you will get all the data across, but is typically one write/one read.

A notifier only pushes data when you are ready to read it - if the listener is busy, it (intenionally) drops the write on the floor.

A user event is one write/multi read, but harder to use.

A global is easy to use, but doesn’t have some of the extra features of the other options.

Also, always lump related data together - if you use something as a cluster, make it a cluster. This will ensure that the entire kit’n’kaboodle gets written simultaneously, and will prevent you from reading half new and half old data.

We’re using globals to communicate between teleop and periodic tasks, and to hold information to be sent in the dashboard data. I gave some thought to using other features such as queues or events, but I couldn’t see a good way to pass the queue or event itself around without using a global variable anyway.