How to use lamprey Encoder fot TalonSRX

I intend to use Lamely Encoder on my TalonSRX.
Cross The Road Electronics Magnetic Encoder is 4096 points at a time, but what is the value of a 10 bit Lamely Encoder per revolution?
Also, is Analog OK for the type of sensor?
and Is there a required configuration on the Talon SRX side?

10 bits is 1024
If you are using the Talon SRX PID control, then you’d set your selected feedback sensor to be the Analog sensor.
There isn’t any other unique SRX settings required that I can think of. Just the same settings for PID that you’d use with any encoder.

Another critically important note: You MUST modify the data cable between the Lamprey and the SRX or the Lamprey will frequently reset its zero position. You must remove two wires - the Transmit and Receive wires (normally used for Quadrature encoders). We simply cut out a small section of those two wires with an Xacto knife and then covered the cut area with hot glue.

Here is the note from the owner of 221 Robotics:
When using the sensor with a Talon SRX you must remove the Rx and Tx lines from your ribbon cable. For some reason the SRX will cause the Lamprey to reboot unpredictably when these lines are connected. We’re investigating the cause but for now this is the best fix.

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