how to use netconsole in C++

I formatted the cRIO and selected the check box for NetConsole. Now I need to figure out how to use it.

How can I include it the C++ code? I added “netcosole::cout << “test”;” but it didn’t compile.

Where can I find the NetConsole program on the development PC?

If you installed all the updates correctly, you should have a “NetConsole for cRIO” when you click “Start->All Programs”. After you click on NetConsole, you need to enter the IP address of the cRIO (e.g.

I am not sure about cout but you can do printf in your code. I think some other threads said cout doesn’t work.

If I recall correctly cout doesn’t redirect to the right place all the time, but cerr does. Printf seems to always work so give the other two a shot and fall back on printf if they don’t work right

If you select NetConsole in the imaging tool, is the ‘console out’ on the serial port automatically disabled? I.E. is either ‘console out’ on the serial port or NetConsole over the ethernet cable?

I’m not sure. I really only use the Serial console if something is very wrong with the cRIO.