How to use PG27 Planetary Gearbox?

Hi, we have some all PG Planetary Gearbox laying around from last year. With no mentor helping us, we are having hard time figuring out how to use one to connect to a shaft. We are trying to make something similar to team BoomDone for intake. Is there any simpler option than using big gearboxes? What are the parts to use?

Hi, we usually use 10mm Key Hubs ( and attach them straight to a wheel. If you plan on attaching to a shaft, what I recommend is connecting the motor to the shaft via some #25 chain. (2 of and You will need to have some machine keys too and the shaft ( on the other end will need to be milled for a keyway or you could use a grub screw.

I hope this helps.

We are using these motors for our ball pick up. We are using the AM 10mm hub attached to the motor and machining an adapter to attach the shaft to this hub.

If you do not have machining capability you could buy the AM 1/2" hub (am-0077a) or other size and bolt the two hubs face to face. This will give you 10mm for the motor and 1/2" for the shaft in a straight out configuration.

If you have 1/2" bore sprockets, gears, or hubs on hand, you can use one of these to allow you to mount it directly to the output shaft of the PG27.

A hub could be an easy solution for mating with larger diameter PVC, which you can step up or down to the diamater you want for your intake using commonly available parts from hardware stores.

You can also try something similar to how BoomDone mounted their PVC rollers to their versaplanetaries.

Although, this method may not work as well with the 1/2" round output shaft of the PG27 as it does with hex shaft.