How to use Pneumatic Block

Hello, I have mounted the solenoids to a pneumatic block, but I am unsure what the EA, P, and EB holes are for and how to use them.

Thanks for any help!

P = pressure = where the air pressure input comes in
EA = exhaust “A” and EB = exhaust “B” where the spent air escapes


Thank you!

So do I only need to use 3 ports (Exhaust A, Exhaust B, and Pressure)?

You will need to use the P port to supply pressurized air to the solenoids. The EA and EB are usually left open to vent the air after it is used but you might also find some other secondary use for that “used” air.

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Ok, that makes sense. Thanks!

Adding on to what was said previously, you can use the exhaust ports for a few things. One thing I have been exploring was using it with the cooling ports on the falcon motors. Does anyone have any experience on using the exhaust ports like that?

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Don’t have any experience with it but it should be as easy as threading PTC fittings into the falcons and running tubing between the exhaust ports and the motors.

My team is trying this for this year. We only have single solenoids so exhaust ports A are the only ones being used for us and not sure of how much cooling will actually take place but I guess any bit will help.

Just keep in mind this might cause the pistons to move a bit slower as you’re now waiting for the air to exit from the venting side through the falcons as well as waiting for the air to enter the cylinder in the pressurized side. May be fine for your use case or maybe not, but something to consider.

Two other things to consider when routing exhaust to a falcon:

One, compressed air can contain a lot of moisture, don’t know if that would be a good thing for the motor.

Two, you loose that cool sound that you get from the exhaust port.


Love hearing that sound in the pits at competitions.

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